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1202 Can You Name This Cluster Bomb?

New York Times, 1feb2012

The New York Times asks for readers’ help identifying a weapon found on the battlefields of Libya last year. They have spent considerable time identifying and sometimes tracing the tools of war in several recent conflicts back to their sources. But this time, they are stumped. The items in question are what ordnance professionals call submunitions, but are more widely known among lay readers as cluster bombs.

The photograph shows one found at the ruins of an arms depot a few miles outside of Mizdah, in the desert south of Tripoli.

full article in NYT

photo by C. J. Chivers


1201 Self-steering bullets

BBC NEWS Technology, 31jan2012

Self-steering bullet researched by US weapons experts

A self-guiding bullet that can steer itself towards its target is being developed for use by the US military.

The bullet uses tiny fins to correct the course of its flight allowing it to hit laser-illuminated targets.

It is designed to be capable of hitting objects at distances of about 2km (1.24 miles). Work on a prototype suggests that accuracy is best at longer ranges.

full article in BBC


1111 Turkmenistan officials visit UK to review PSSM practices

OSCE PRESS release,18nov2011

Four representatives of Turkmenistan's Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Defence participated in a five-day study visit to the United Kingdom. The visit provided the military and emergency officials with the opportunity to learn new and applied practices for physical security and stockpile management (PSSM) of small arms and light weapons and conventional ammunition (SALW/CA) in the UK.

The participants visited several weapons and ammunition storage and destruction sites, and discussed efficient stockpile management and incidence response, including storage and rotation, registration and issuing procedures, periodic checking routines and responses to incidents such as storage facility intrusion, loss and damage of arms, and fire and explosions at ammunition depots

read full article


1107 Surplus bombs destroyed in Moldova


The OSCE Mission to Moldova has been working with the Moldovan Ministry of Defence on ammunition disposal projects since 2007. The disposal of air bombs in July 2011 was the latest in a series of projects.

The disposal operations are part of the Mission’s efforts on arms control and disarmament, which also aim to promote military transparency and increase trust between the parties to the Transdniestrian conflict.

more info & pictures in the OSCE website

1111 BLAST in IRAN

Huge blast kills 17 at Iran military base


TEHRAN (Reuters) - A massive explosion at a military arms depot near the Iranian capital Tehran on Saturday 12NOV killed 17 Revolutionary Guards and wounded 15, a spokesman for the elite fighting force told the semi-official Fars news agency.

Officials said the blast was an accident which happened as troops were moving munitions at a base in Bidganeh, near the town of Shahriar, some 45 km (28 miles) west of Tehran.

The explosion shook homes and rattled windows for miles around, at a time of mounting tension with Israel over Iran's nuclear programme.

article in REUTERS.com

article in The New York Times


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