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AAM air-to-air missile

AAP Allied Administrative Publication

AASTP Allied Ammunition Storage and Transport Publication

ADF ammunition demilitarization facility

AGM air-to-ground missile

AH anti-helicopter

ALARP as low as reasonably practicable

ANFO Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil

AP anti-personnel

APB ammunition-process building

APE ammunition-peculiar equipment

ASS ammunition storage site

AT anti-tank/ammunition technician

ATGM anti-tank guided missile

ATGW anti-tank guided weapon

ATO ammunition technical officer

AU African Union

AUW all up weight

AV anti-vehicle

CA Conventional Ammunition

CCW Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons

CMD conventional munition disposal

COTS commercial off-the-shelf

CSBM confidence- and security-building measures

CWIED command wire IED

D&D Destruction and Disposal

DAER daily ammunition expenditure rate

DCSR daily combat supply rate

DDR disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration

DTRA Defence Threat Reduction Agency (United States)

ECA explosion consequence analysis

EFP explosively formed projectile

EOD explosive ordnance disposal

ELL explosive limit licence

ERW explosive remnant of war

ESA explosive storage area

ESH explosive storehouse

EU European Union

EWI explosive waste incinerator

FFR free-flight rocket

GGE Group of Governmental Experts

HCC hazard compatibility code

HD hazard division (United Nations)

HE high explosive (noun); high-explosive (adjective)

HEAT high-explosive anti-tank

HME home-made explosives

HPLC high performance liquid chromatography

HSEOEL health and safety executive occupational exposure limits

IATG International Ammunition Technical Guidelines

IDDRS International Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration Standards

IED improvised explosive device

IMAS International Mine Action Standards

ISACS International Small Arms Control Standards

IQD inside quantity distances

IRFNA inhibited red fuming nitric acid

ISFE igniter safety fuse electric

ISO International Standardization Organization

JACIG Joint Arms Control Implementation Group (United Kingdom)

LVBIED large vehicle-borne IED

MANPADS man-portable air defence system(s)

MHE mechanical handling equipment

MLRS multiple launch rocket system

MMH monomethyl hydrazine

MoD ministry of defence

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NEC net explosive content

NEQ net explosive quantity

OBOD open burning and open detonation

OEM original equipment manufacturer

OQD outside quantity distances

OSCE Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

PBIED person-borne IED

PCIED projectile-controlled IED

PCS pollution control system

PES potential explosion site

PETN penta-eurythyl tetranitrate

PfP Partnership for Peace (NATO)

PoCDB Point of Contact Database

PSSM Physical Security and Stockpile Management

RCIED radio-controlled IED

RDX Research Department Explosive (Octagen)

RFNA red fuming nitric acid

RSP Render Safe Procedures

SAA small arms ammunition

SAADS small arms ammunition disposal system (commercial)

SALW small arms and light weapons

SAM surface-to-air missile

SCA Stockpiles of Conventional Ammunition

SEESAC South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of SALW

SOP standing/standard operating procedure

SSR security sector reform

TLV threshold limit value

TNT trinitrotoluene

UDMH unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine

ULC unit load container (pallets)

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNDPKO United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations

UXO unexploded ordnance

VBIED vehicle-borne IED

VOC volatile organic compound

VOIED victim-operated IED

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